Work In Progress

Here on my website there is an option to have a blog. Useful for other websites, but maybe not for useful on a portfolio website. Until I came to the conclusion that there are many WIP and incomplete projects that don’t always make it to my portfolio and that this blog format might be a good way to display them.

So let me start with this Village Street:

This is the street I spent most of my life in the village I grew up in. At one point when I was still living there, sometime around 2012, I had the opportunity to take some clear photos of the street as the cars had been removed to resurface the road.


A short time afterwords I started to make a very crude model of the street in Lightwave 3D. A couple of years later imported this model into Unity to experiment with making a game. It wasn’t very good but here is a video of what I came up with.

My plan isn’t to continue development of this game, but simply to use the photos I took in 2012 and try and accurately re-create the street to the standard of a modern video game, and learn the best way to go about it in the process.

This is probably one of these projects that I will dip in and out off from time to time, and I’ll post any updates here.