My name is Andy Begg, I’m based in Fife Scotland. I started working as a Freelance 3D artist since August 2018 after I was approached by some clients who had discovered me from my online portfolios. I’ve worked now on a number of projects as well as creating and selling assets online, entering competitions and working on my portfolio. I like to keep busy.

The largest project I've worked on is for an independently developed VR game for the HTC Vive that I have been creating the majority of the environments and props for. Currently I can’t share too much about it, but I have created several large VR environments is only a few weeks, utilising my knowledge of Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Unity.

Previously I was 3D modelling as a hobby while working for iWin as a QA Test Engineer doing several different tasks involving content management for the website.

3D Modelling


My main interest is in asset creation and hard surface modelling with a focus on video games. Although I love making vehicles, buildings, environments, interiors as well as photo realistic product renders.

I’m capable of doing realistic or stylised models. I work with a PBR workflow and try and keep a high level of quality and attention to detail while trying to keep my poly count low when required. I like to keep up to date with modern modelling rendering and texturing techniques. Anything I don’t know I am usually able to quickly learn, and I’m happy to learn new software when required, and if the software is affordable.

I also enjoy using Unity and Unreal game engine and can implement my models, rig and animate basic characters, drive vehicles, fire weapons set up physics objects etc.

I often enter 3D modelling, texturing and animation competitions and collaboration projects in my spare time, to have something to work towards and learn new skills. Recently I have won a couple of the Sketchfab 3D Modelling Challenges and was asked to write a Seller Spotlight article.


Software Knowledge


Substance Painter/Designer




Microsoft Office

Formal Qualifications

 Bachelor of Science in 3D Computer Animation - University of the West of Scotland 2006-2007

Higher National Diploma in 3D Computer Animation - James Watt College 2003-2005