Bob’s Burgers Restaurant 

Side by Side.png

The opening sequence to Bob’s Burgers, an American animated sitcom, starts with this straight on view of the restaurant. When watching the show I thought that it would be easy enough to model.

In June 2018 I started modelling it in Blender using this image as a template. I got a little carried away and three weeks later I had modelled the whole exterior and most of the inside of the restaurant. including furniture and props.

It is as accurate to the show as possible, but as it’s a cartoon not everything fits they way it would in real life. I had to compromise by keeping the kitchen closed and reducing the length of the restaurant.

The plan was to have this on my Sketchfab profile so it had to run in real time meaning I had to use poly counts you would typically find in a game. The final model comes to 106.2k Triangles.


Bellow is an animated fly through of the restaurant rendered with Blender Eevee real time engine.