Faggio - GTA Vice City

Re-imagined Faggio from GTA Vice City as well as The Well Stacked Pizza .Co Delivery version of the Faggio from GTA Vice City. 
Scooter is based off of the 1980s Piaggio Vespa T5 Pole Position. I started this project in June 2018 and it took me about a week. Everything was modelled in Blender textured in Substance Painter.

The Well Stacked Pizza .Co Delivery version was featured on Blender Nation

Originally I wanted to re-create a old scooter I had seen when on holiday in Germany. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, the most similar scooter I could find online from my memory was the Piaggio Vespa T5.

It wasn’t until I started texturing the scooter I decided to play around making it look like the Faggio from GTA Vice City. Although the original scooter model from GTA Vice City was based off of the Piaggio Vespa 50 Special, not the Piaggio Vespa T5.

So to get that Faggio Vice City vibe I painted the whole thing bright pink and added a lot of branding stickers from the game, mostly radio station logos. The zebra print seat is a nod to the version added into GTA IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony that came with exotic seat covers.

Once I had completed the first version, I had to make the Pizza delivery variant as its one of the most memorable vehicles in the game from doing the pizza delivery side missions. I used the original scooter from the game and a real life Vespa pizza delivery service called Yellow Cab Pizza Co as reference for my version.