Hand Painted Tavern

My first attempt that doing a hand painted scene.

This was another Art test for a job application. I was given a concept art image of a tavern and a week to complete the model.

Task was to create a game ready model for mobile based on the concept provided.

Unfortunately I wasn’t selected, and wasn’t given any feedback other that the competition was highly competitive. Although I think because I embellished a bit from the concept art, and chose to make an hero building for mobile stretching the amount of polys to the limit for mobile.

I used 14k polys, a hero building on high end mobile phone would be between 10k - 20k. a typical building on mobile would be between 5k and 10k.

I used Substance Painter for all the texturing. Its nice to paint straight on to the model, but as Substance Painter remembers every stroke it soon become very slow to use. I’m not sure I would use the program for this style again as simple things like blending and blurring colours together became a real challenge towards the end. I would also find that some strokes I had placed would sometimes disappear for no apparent reason, this would become frustrating.

Bellow are the textures I created for this.