Haunted House and Fall House

This was crated for the Weekly CG Challenge #112 “Haunted House”, a fortnightly competition held on the related Facebook group. I received an honourable mention for my entry.

For my concept I wanted to have the run down old Victorian haunted house at the end of a pristine suburban street, as you might find in a movie, or TV show. I had also been watching Stranger Things at the time and wanted to get that 80’s movie aesthetic.

House from Edward Scissorhands

I looked at several houses on the internet everything from real houses on google maps, to movie houses from Movies and TV. My biggest influences came from the house from Psycho and Bates Motel, and Phantom Manor In Disneyland Paris.


There was one other image that stood out to me, and that was this image of a model house. After a little research I found out that this model was actually the Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit and that there are lots of images online that people have put up showing how its built.

I came to the conclusion that this would be the perfect house to build as there was an abundance of reference material to work from, as well as lots of different styles, colours and modifications that people had made to their doll houses.

When choosing the colour of the house I decided to go with a purple. As the scene was set in autumn I new I was going to have yellows, oranges and greens, and the opposite side of the colour wheel is purple as well as it being one of the main cartoon colours for Halloween.

I believe this was one of the first times I had used Substance Painter for texturing, It’s not my best example of using it, but I think it turned out really well.

Bellow I have included a Sketchfab 3D model of the house and a time lapse of the house being modelled.


I wanted to create a clear narrative that the house had loured a child into the house leaving his bike behind. So I had the front door open with the light streaming down the path to an open gate that leads the eye to a child’s bike lit up under a streetlight. As I wanted to be like an 80s movie the obvious choice for a bike was a BMX.

Finally to get that movie vibe added some post prepossessing colourisation and added a film grain to the blacks, as well as adding lens flair and some bloom.

Haunted houseFinal7.png

Fall House

Fall house.png

After I had completed the Haunted House I started experimenting with a late afternoon shot with a colour scheme for the house that complements the rest of the image and gives an autumn vibe. As its an american house in suburbia I named this the Fall House.

I added some vehicles I had previously made to fill out the scene. Although these vehicles are European their colours work well in the scene. Having two of them one either side and the clean version of the BMX from the previous image in the centre balances the image.

I believe this image looks slightly better overall than the haunted house. I even still use it as my desktop background to this day.

Fall house1.png

I also love this other shot I took with the car as the focus of the image. It looks to me like an old armature Polaroid picture that has a nice aesthetic to it.

I added fallen leaves to the car using a particle array as and weight painted out the areas that would gather more leaves. As well as editing the textures to give it a more dirty and dusty look as you will often fine with cars during autumn and winter.

Unfortunately the vehicles aren’t to the quality I would hope to achieve now as these were the first two vehicles I chose to make when learning Blender and Substance Painter. I was attempting to make a low poly vehicle with harsh edges with unfiltered pixel heavy texturing, but they were poorly unwrapped. I may return to one of the cars in the future to give a clear indication of how I have improved.