My Flat (WIP)


I wouldn’t normally Include something unfinished in my portfolio but I have spent a lot of time and created a fair amount off assets for this on going project that I would like to include here.

I initially modelled a floor plan in Lightwave 3D when I first purchased my flat towards the end of 2016, and used it to try out some wall colours when planning to decorate. I chose Lightwave as it was the program I was taught in when getting my degree in the early 2000s and was the only program I was familiar with.

The results weren’t very good partly because Lightwave development had slowed and wasn’t up to date with modern modelling and rendering programs, and partly because I was out of practice. I was struggling to create the assets and making it look good, so abandoned the project.

As I was frustrated with how rusty I was at modelling and the poor results I was getting with Lightwave, so towards the start of 2017 I started learning Blender and then soon after Substance Painter too.

Living Room - Lightwave

Living Room - Lightwave

Study - Lightwave

Study - Lightwave


Once I was happy with the results I was getting in Blender and was quite conferrable with the program I decided to tackle the flat project again. Late 2017 I imported the model from Lightwave and went about creating my living room adding furniture I own and creating furniture I was thinking of purchasing.

After fixing up and putting in some better materials into the original model I started to model the sofa. It was the first time I attempted to model a sofa and the first time I used sculpt to add creases or wrinkles. The result was okay at the time, but now looks quite amateurish, this will be replaced in the future.

I then went on to create more of the furniture and was much more happy with the results. Bellow are the models in sketchfab.