Nesting Dolls

I thought that a set of nesting dolls would make a cool animation and as I hadn’t done any real animations in a long time I thought it would be good practice. I started the project August 2018 and it took less than a week to complete.

I knew I was going to do a family, but I can’t really remember why I chose to do a Scandinavian family. I think I just wanted it to look a bit folksy and kitsch while looking modern with a simple art style.

The modelling was fairly simple I just had to make sure that they fitted into each other, the main focus was going to be on the texturing. I knew from previous projects that having a colour pallet works really well to tie everything together. So I searched for Scandinavian Colour pallet and chose this one.


I used Substance Painter to draw straight on to the models. I tried to keep the style consistent while giving each family member their own characteristics. I kept the eyes and rosy cheeks the same size across the models, making it appear that they get larger the smaller the doll is. I gave all the dolls a separate clear coat finish that has some scratches and imperfections in it.

Bellow are the some of the textures I created.