Real Ale

This was the second image I ever created in Blender. My aim was to understand photo realism and PBR Materials.

I used several tutorials by Blender Guru on YouTube as a guide and combined them to make this image. These included How to Make a Beer, How to Make a Rainy Window, guides on photo realism and understanding colour. As well as combining stuff I had learned when doing his infamous Doughnut Beginner Series.

I chose to do a local ale as I am Scottish. The one I ended up choosing was Loch Lomond Brewery. After looking at some photos on their website I decided that I wanted it to look as if it was sitting on a wooden picnic table, at dusk with the loch in the background.

The Bonnie n’Blond had the right colour of ale and label to work good with the colour pallet I was trying to achieve. I went to the Loch Lomond tourist website and got this photo bellow for the background.