Top Secret Vending Machine

The Inconspicuous Secret Agent Party Essentials Vending Machine, great for when you have escaped capture and need to blend into the nearest ballroom or casino. The items in the machine are a Tuxedo, Walther PPK silenced, Chesterfield Cigarettes, Martini and a Rolex Submariner.

This small scene was the winner of the Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Vending Machines. The challenge was to create the most unusual or unique vending machine you can think of using your favourite 3D tools.

Everything was modelled in Blender and textured in Substance Painter

This was a project that evolved through from a basic concept to the final scene, I didn’t set out to make a James Bond themed vending machine. My initial concept was to have a very normal looking vending machine that dispenses unusual and impractical things. When searching for images of vending machines I came across this image of a retro wood panelled machine. That immediately made me think of a 60s lobby or waiting room.

I liked that the vending machine was very much the focal point of this image, it being dead centre and straight on with the camera. I liked the Bamboo plant, I found it to be too distracting, but I thought if I were to use a less busy plant and were to bring a chair into the other side of the machine it could balance out the image. From here is when I started searching for images of 60s lobbies, mid century office furniture. etc

During this search I came across several images from hotel lobby in Wes Andersons Grand Budapest Hotel. I thought the chair, ashtray and colour palette would work very well with the vending machine I had chosen.

I had to decide what would go in my vending machine. Sticking with 60s theme, the inconspicuous nature of the vending machine and that I wanted to dispense unusual and impractical things, I came up with the spy related objects. The tuxedo, gun and martini seemed like and obvious choice, but took a little research to find the correct gun, cigarettes and watch.

Finally I added some details. A martini, a pack of smokes and a lit cigarette in the ashtray as if someone had just used the machine and had left. I also changed the currency on the front of the machine to pounds rather than dollars, and gave it a UK plug socket to make the machine a little more British.


Bellow you will find the 3D models of the items in the Vending Machine and some more reference images.