Volkswagen Bus Type 2 (T3) Syncro 4WD

My main inspiration for this project was a Volkswagen camper van that I kept passing when out for a walk. I did some research and collected a bunch of images including blueprints.

I preferred the way the 4x4 Syncro was slightly raised up from the original T3 I started modelling so I decided to change the model. I copied the undercarriage in quite a lot of detail using plans and documentation of restorations people had put online.

I decided that I was going to make the vehicle low poly and quite stylised with either simplified or exaggerated features. The body came out to around 24k polys, but I spent too many polys on each wheel when I should have baked in the detail to something lower. This added an extra 10k with each wheel bringing the total to 64k.

The colour was chosen from one of the colours it would have come in originally of the shop floor. I added a roof rack, some stickers on the back window and gave it a dirty rusty paintwork to make it look like it had been on some adventures.

Model was completed in May 2018 and everything was modelled in Blender and Textured in Substance Painter.

This is one of my favorite models, I like the style I was trying to create but I think that some areas could have used more geometry, and the wheels should have had a lot less.

Bellow are some of the references that I used for this model.